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Title Category Document type Year of publication Country
Les pratiques culturelles des Marocains Governance Scientific documents 2016 icon Morocco
Governance of vocational education and training in the southern and eastern mediterranean Governance Scientific documents 2015 icon Egypt, icon Lebanon, icon Morocco, icon Tunisia
دراسـة مقـارنة عن بعــض جوانـب السيـــاسات الثقافية في الجزائر، وتونس، والمــغرب ومـصر ميزانية الثقافة - اللامركزية - التبادل الثقافي Governance Books 2013 icon Egypt, icon Morocco, icon Tunisia
 Cultural Policies in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia Governance Scientific documents 2010 icon Egypt, icon Lebanon, icon Morocco, icon Tunisia
Vers des alternatives culturelles au Maroc Other Others 2016 icon Morocco
Stratégie culturelle - Maroc Governance Others 2015 icon Morocco
Les politiques culturelles et le processus de développement dans le monde arabe Governance Scientific documents 2014 icon Egypt, icon Lebanon, icon Morocco, icon Tunisia
Mohammed ben Bachir et Najib Moulay Mohammed: La politique culturelle au Maroc Governance Scientific documents 1981 icon Morocco
La diversité culturelle au sein des festivals internationaux - Étude de cas du cinéma marocain Other Scientific documents 2008 icon Morocco
Référentiel des emplois et des compétences du département de la culture Training Guides 2016 icon Morocco
Dimensions culturelles, artistiques et spirituelles Governance Scientific documents 2005 icon Morocco
La politique culturelle tunisienne Governance Books 1974 icon Tunisia
Tunisia country report Governance Scientific documents 2013 icon Tunisia
Statistiques de la culture en Tunisie Artistic education Scientific documents 2017 icon Tunisia
مشروع المجتمع المدني الثقافي لقانون الفنان والمهن الفنية Status of the artist Official documents (laws, decrees, etc.) 2017 icon Tunisia
2017 annual work programme for the implementation of the Creative Europe Programme Conventions Scientific documents 2016 icon Tunisia
Street carnival theory Training Guides 2016 icon Egypt
Cultural policy in Egypt Governance Books 1972 icon Egypt
Egypt country report Governance Scientific documents 2013 icon Egypt
لماذا لن تستطيع الإبداع في مصر؟ Status of the artist Scientific documents 2016 icon Egypt


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