About Marsad

MARSAD (Mediterranean Action and Research for Sustainability And Development) aims to create a collective platform of research, implementation, monitoring and observation of cultural policies in the MENA region, in order to ensure an efficient advocacy towards public institutions, in preparation for "Les Etats Généraux de la Culture" in each country.

MARSAD aims to set-up research and diagnosis on cultural policies in the MENA region in terms of artistic, administrative and technical training, governance, status of the artist, copyright, international conventions, artistic education... and to establish cultural mappings in the countries of the region. The project also aims to share expertise between partners, to strengthen the network of cultural operators in the region and make available for them a common tool, data and information about cultural policies in the region (www.marsad-observatory.org). At the mid/long-term, the goal is to establish a regional Observatory for Cultural Policies providing data, research, studies and recommendations on cultural policies that are efficient and adapted for citizens, artists and cultural professionals.

About Racines

Racines is a Moroccan non-profit organisation advocating for the integration of culture into public policies of human, social and economic development.. Racines is born from the desire of Moroccan cultural actors, convinced that the issue of culture is common to African and Arab countries (lack of involvement of the governments in cultural policies, non-recognition of culture as a human right, weak creative industries, lack of protecting artists’ rights, lack of training in cultural jobs… ). Racines’ projects are articulated around cultural policies (research, advocacy, mapping), arts and culture for social change, cultural entrepreneurship, training and capacity building, freedom of artistic expression, artists rights & status.

Our partners


Me'zaf is a musical cultural initiative that was launched in Beirut in 2015. Our main focus is on the authentic music of the Levant and the world, trying to create research projects and musical activities that can reintegrate this music in our current scene, not as a museum product, but as a contemporary creation tool.


ElMadina was founded in 2000 in Alexandria, Egypt. Through trainings, production, and management of cultural spaces, ElMadina has been working on promoting arts and culture and supporting artists and youth initiatives.


“Notre Culture D'abord“ is an independent Tunisian association founded in 2012. It works on the promotion of local cultures and supports the demoratization of access to culture, to information and cultural and artistic opportunities.

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